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A walk in Heaven…

One of my favorite countries to visit is Italy, I don’t think this comes as any big surprise to anyone who has read some of my entries here.  Recently myself and some friends vacationed along the Alamfi Coast of Italy.  If your not aware where this is, it is just south of Naples, sort of […]

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Fly through Beach Bar, does it really exist?

Yes, yes it does, well sort of.  One of my favorite destinations is the Island of St. Marrten or St. Maarten depending on what side of the Island your on.  Yes, depending on which side of the Island.  Scott, why does that matter?  Well I am glad you asked.  The Island of St. Marrten is […]

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I am usually pretty good at managing my travel schedule, and I highly suggest you take time of year and season into your travel considerations.  However there are times that I simply don’t listen to my own advice, ok there are a lot of times I don’t listen to my own advice.  I am sure […]

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Now I lay me down to sleep……But where?

I am going to share a secret with you, ssshhhh, come closer, a little closer, come on just a little closer.  Now don’t tell anyone what I am about to tell you, I mean it.  Here it is. SCOTT IS CHEAP (According to some people, although I prefer the words, frugal, tight, value oriented). Now […]

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