Archive | April 23, 2012

Where in the World?

Do you know the location of these places?  Let’s play a little game.  Below are a series of Photographs from around the world, let’s see how many of you know where these places are.  Here is a hint, these pictures have been posted here at this blog before, well except for 2 of them, they […]

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Strange things about……Madrid

I am always amused by strange or unknown facts about places I visit.  Some of them are humorous and some just plain disgusting and others, just more information to fill our heads with.  I decided I would share some strange but true facts about Madrid, Spain.  I will be visiting Madrid in the coming days […]

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My MBA, you can never learn too much

At some point in our lives we must look inward and ask if we are at the place in our lives that we want to be, or expected to be.  For the most part, I am.  Over the years I have learned that you can never have enough knowledge, that learning is something we do […]

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