Archive | April 30, 2012

Aviophobia…..what the heck is that?

Aviophobia or Aviatophobia, both are commonly used to reference a fear of flying. Do you have a  fear of flying?  Do you know someone who does? I fly almost weekly and have been doing it for more years than I care to count.  I never thought of myself as having this fear.  In fact I […]

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World’s Oldest Winery, do you know how old?

Ok, without googling it, no cheating now, how old is the World’s Oldest Winery?  Where is it?  And what are they famous for? Stumped? If I told you it was 200 years old, would you believe me?  How about 300, no?  Ok, the truth is that the Worlds Oldest Winery, Codorniu Winery dates back to […]

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