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Jazzin’ it up

I often write about my trips and experiences abroad, I often forget what great places we have right here in the U.S.  Recently I had an opportunity to spend a week in Atlanta on business.  And I readily admit I don’t give Atlanta a fair shake.  I have been to Atlanta many times, well actually […]

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Where in the World?

It’s time again to play our favorite Game, Where in the World?  Thats right, it’s the game where you name the location of the picture below.  If you have been reading this blog for anytime, then some of these pictures will be familiar to you.  They have all been included in posts sine early June, […]

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Supper in Bed Anyone?

To me it’s a bit surprising that I don’t write about food, after all no matter where I go, I eat.  I am sure you do too.  So in the future, from time to time I am also going to be posting about some of my more memorable meals and restaurants that I’ve enjoyed and […]

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U.S. + Europe = Usropean Travel

Usropean travel, what in the world is that? I know what your saying, Usropean; [Uz-rope-e-an] isn’t a real word.  Not yet, it isn’t.  With your help we are going to make Usropean as common and ubiquitous as words like milk and coke or travel.  Of course your going to have to share this post with […]

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The Golden Triangle, almost

Wow, I woke at 10 a.m., I really was tired.  But the good news is that I feel awesome and I am now on the right time and my body is in sync with Madrid.  Today is a day to explore and experience some of the beauty and the beast of Madrid.  So we set […]

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Day 11 ~ The Greatest Vacation… far

Sunday, September 14th The Beauty of Machu Picchu In my last post we had just arrived at Machu Picchu, the culmination of 4 days trekking through the Andes along the famed Inca Trail.  Pain, Sickness, Tragedy, Joy, Fear, Apprehension, Appreciation, Wonder, Awe, Altitude Sickness, all of these things and more,  we experienced.  Although in fact, […]

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He ran to France and back, all before Breakfast

Is it possible to run from the Netherlands to France?  Oops, let me clarify one small thing.  Is it possible to run from the Netherlands’s Antilles to France?  And all before breakfast?  It depends on where you start of course! Yes it is possible if your on the Island of Saint. Maarten/Sint. Martin in the […]

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Yosemite National Park

The United States is filled with Beauty, it’s all around us.  One of our countries most prestigious and spectacular places is Yosemite National Park.  Yosemite is one of the first Wilderness Parks in the U.S., and is known for it’s waterfalls, natural landmarks, valley’s, lakes and the great sequoias.  With more than 1200 square miles […]

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Persistence does pay off

I am not always the most patient traveler when it comes to incompetence, with that being said, I am speaking directly about the whole maze that I have had to run through with U.S. Airways trying to get an upgrade on our outbound flight to Madrid, Spain.  I am a very loyal U.S. Airways Customer, […]

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Day 10 Continued ~ The Greatest Vacation….so far

Saturday, September 13th Continued from the previous post. We all gathered, expect for Sandra and Christy, and went in with Nico for the historical tour of the Lost City of Machu Picchu.  He walked us through every part of the city pointing out the sacred locations, the meaning of the stone work through out along […]

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