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Day 14 ~ The Greatest Vacation…. So Far

Wednesday, September 17th Today, I embrace the Alarm Clock. It is time to start remapping my brain to realize you can not just wish the clock away. After all we will be back to the rat race in the U.S. soon.  We are up early, a nice peaceful morning, breakfast with Peter and Judith. Off […]

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The Soap Box….Again

Yes it is time again for me to mount The Soap Box.  You know the one.  Where I relieve myself of my frustrations about travel, yeah that one.  I’ve written a similar post called It was inevitable…. The Soap Box, read it here.  Although these are my opinions, my frustrations and ultimately my bitching; I am […]

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The Inspiration of a Picture

The Inspiration of a Picture.  There are times when a photograph can mentally send me somewhere.  I suppose pictures have a way of doing that for most people, whether it’s an old childhood memory or just a desire to experience a place you’ve never been to.  Just an image, somewhere deep in your mind lies […]

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Day 12 and 13 ~ The Greatest Vacation…..So Far

Monday, September 15th We only have a few days left before we are on our way back to the U.S. There are a few things I will still be writing about as we are staying here in Lima for those last few days. Today turned out to be a fairly boring day. Edzel, our guide […]

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Almudena Cathedral of Madrid

Plaza Mayor We left Phoenix at 8:30 a.m.,  landed in Madrid at 9:45 am., the following morning, now that is a long travel day.  Of course that has more to do with the fact that Madrid is 9 hours ahead of Phoenix.  While I was enjoying my sunny days in Spain, you were enjoying your […]

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