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My name is Scott and I like to travel. There I said it, wow that does feel better. There is probably a program for my affliction somewhere. I am what I would consider a Normal Guy. I am a native Arizonan, sometimes we are called “Zonies”. I am in my mid 40′s and enjoy a great life. I am self employed and have a wonderful daughter and Partner. Although I would say my life is a fairly normal one, I am also quite lucky in that I have the ability to travel and enjoy the world, I enjoy learning about other cultures and experiencing the world around us. I want to be right upfront about the type of travel I enjoy and the type I don’t. You will probably not ever read a story of about me backpacking my way through the serengeti during the height of summer, nor will you probably read any stories of me sleeping in the presidential suite of the Ritz Carlton in Paris. I am not a budget traveler, nor am I an uber luxury traveler, I fall somewhere in the middle, where most people fall I believe. I started this blog for the sole purpose of sharing my stories, my views and my excitement for traveling around this world with my friends, family. However it doesn’t stop there for me, I also wanted to make friends with others around the world, those who travel and those who dream of travel. Blogs and Websites evolve over time, mine will no doubt expand over time as well please come back and see what has taken place. However if you have come to my blog to schedule a flight or a hotel, this is not the place.

What does Heaven look like?

I am pretty sure it looks different to each of us, that is if you believe in Heaven.  I would imagine that what Heaven looks like is dictated by your own personal belief system.  For some perhaps it looks like big fluffy clouds with bright blue skies and for others maybe it looks a bit more normal (whatever that is).

Every now and then I believe I have found what is my visual version of Heaven.  Although it changes from time to time.  It can be a beautiful building, a beautiful location or a beautiful person.  Heaven seems to be a moving target for me.  I have recently found my “NEW” Heaven and it’s on the Island of St. Maarten/Sint Martin.  Yes, I know I write about this Island a fair amount.  I write about what I know and I know this island fairly well, check my archives and you will find a number of posts about this Island.  I never fail to find something new on each visit.

You’ve heard that saying “Heaven on Earth”, well this little slice of the Island is just that to me.  Perhaps because I have had a challenging year and I am desperate to find a little slice of Heaven that will allow me to set aside my concerns.  I am not sure that it really matters why it is, just that it is.

Today I am going to share with you this little slice of Heaven on Earth, I invite you to visit it anytime your on this island, in fact you should be making travel arrangements right now to visit this lovely island, go ahead go do it, I’ll wait.  However I am trusting you to take good care of my little slice of Heaven, I don’t want to come back and find 20 somethings partying through the day and night.  I am simply too old for that.

This lovely Island is the property of two different countries, The Netherlands and France.  Our little slice of Heaven is on the French side of the Island and it’s called Friar’s Bay.  Have you heard of it?  Have you been there before?  If so, I would love to hear your comments about it.

I think most people visiting the Island will most likely choose one of the larger, easier to reach beaches such as Oyster Pond or Orient Bay.  The isolated Friar’s Bay requires that you follow a bit of a circuitous route to find it, but it’s well worth the missed turns, dirt roads and road blocks when you arrive, providing you don’t need a chiropractor after arrival.  Why this beach?  The bay is not too big nor too small with great protection on either side.  The water is, as you would expect turquoise blue with soft white sand and very few rocks to navigate your sensitive feet around.  It’s a great place to sit and contemplate life or lunch depending on your mission for the day.  I also like that from this vantage point you have an excellent view of Anguilla, St. Maarten’s neighbor.

Although you wont feel like it’s your own private beach, it is far less visited than many other beaches on the Island.  Friar’s Bay is between Marigot and Grand Case and has plenty of parking.  Snorkeling, Shelling and a freedom from bathing suits if you desire, make this one of the finer beaches.

Friar’s Bay is also home to two wonderful Beach Bars, Kali’s Beach Bar and my personal favorite, Friar’s Bay Beach Cafe.  Both provide a large selection of beer, wine and tropical favorites along with lounge chairs, umbrella’s and service at the beach.  Kali’s is very well known for their thatched bamboo roof hut brightly colored with the standard Rastafarian colors and serves some of the Island’s best Barbecue.  Kali’s also organizes full moon parties on the beach with live music, bonfires and plenty of cocktails.

For a really great day, I prefer the Friar’s Bay Beach Cafe.  A lovely French Cafe serving some fantastic hardy, unbeachy  dishes that will satisfy your hunger after all that swimming in the beautiful Caribbean water.  Lounges, umbrella’s, beach service are all the norm here at Friar’s Bay Beach Cafe.  You may also like the fact that they provide WiFi service at your  beach lounge.  Why would you need that you ask?  Well to post pictures to your friends and make them jealous of course.  Although you will pay for those lounge chairs, the cost will be refunded when you purchase cocktails or lunch.  The Cafe is quite lovely in a traditional French way, large and expansive with picnic tables buried in the sand to a proper dining area.  An extensive Wine list and even more extensive cocktail and beer list.

On a recent visit our lunch consisted of Little Chicken roasted, frog style, Beef Tar Tar, Beef Carpacio, Fresh Crab and Avocado Salad along with Roasted Pork Loin with a Blue Cheese Sauce.  The menu is quite extensive with a wide range of foods available to please even the most picky among you.  For a nice light and refreshing desert we recommend the Pineapple Carpacio.  We are also thankful for a generous bartender with a heavy hand at the Friar’s Bay Beach Cafe.

There are many reasons why you should seek out this little slice of Heaven, the food, the drink, the sun but the most important reason to find this place is the restive and tranquil feeling that will flow over your body as you lay on the beach, listening to the lapping of the waves, watching sail boats glide by.  This slice of Heaven really is about recognizing it’s beauty and restorative qualities, sit back, sun, have a cocktail and a swim.  By the end of your visit you too will dream of your own little slice of Heaven on Earth, it’s called Friar’s Bay.

Happy Travels

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