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Travel Adventures, when bad decisions turn worse

I readily admit that I am not a huge Adventure Traveler, I have had a few good adventures though.  Luckily those decision have not ended horribly bad and I have not regretted any of those decisions.  But other people have made decisions that would include some adventures on their vacations, and for those people it […]

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Sex and Thin Walls

I thought that title might get your attention.  And there is no bait and switch here, I am going to talk about sex and thin walls.  Come on, most of you have been there, right?  Well maybe not the sex part, but surely the thin walls.  Your staying in a hotel, you’ve settled into your […]

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Debauchery and Red Lights

Debauchery and a few Red Lights  The colors of Amsterdam,  well Brown and Red that is I have written much of Amsterdam now and I have heard from a few of you regarding my obvious omissions regarding Amsterdam.  You have asked me, “When are you going to write about the Pot” and “I want to […]

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