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Forgive me for I have…..

Forgive me Readers for I have sinned.  The ultimate Bloggers Sin.  It’s been nearly a month since my last post.  As penance I must write for days and days until something is worthwhile to put on this Blog. How can one expect to increase their readership if one doesn’t post on a regular basis?  This […]

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1000 Places To See Before You Die

I would like to take credit for putting together a list of the 1000 places you should see before the end comes for you.  However I did not do it.  Author, Patricia Schultz has and she’s updated her fantastic travel manual by the same name, (first released in 2003) the updated, second edition has recently […]

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Phoenix Zoolights

I don’t know about you, but I get so busy during the hustle and bustle of the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Holiday’s that I sometimes feel like I’ve missed about 60 days of my life.  So what do you do to slow down during this time?   This year I attended the Phoenix Zoo Lights event […]

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